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Our Services

Manpower supply for Loading & Unloading Services:

We at Shivam Enterprises have expert labour who load your valuable goods with special care. Our Labour are also trained to use modern equipments to load heavy items in transport vehicle. The process of loading and unloading in all kinds of relocation & shifting situation is very critical. It should be done carefully to prevent against damages of goods. The process is also very risky. So it is advisable not to do this work yourself. To solve your loading and unloading related problems we at Shivam Enterprises also offer loading and unloading services. We offer highly organized, systematic and reliable loading and unloading services in IIE Sidcul Pantnagar,and MI Alwar. While loading & unloading our expert labour take care of even a single minor scratch.. Once goods arrive at their respective destination our expert labour also unload them carefully. Goods are carefully unloaded by our trained labours at their respective destination no matter its ground floor or any other floor of the building.

Manpower supply for Packaging and Shifting Service:

Shivam Enterprises is one of leading suppliers of manpower to warehousing storage service providers in IIE Sidcul Pantnagar, MI Alwar. We have especially trained our labours to work in warehousing and storage space. No matter how highted the warehouses storage racks are our expert labour shift materials very easily. We value your time and money and we try our best to serve you as per your requirement for labour in warehouses. Our labour are very popular among manufacturers, business men, exporters, importers, wholesalers, etc for loading & unloading, packaging and shifting, trunch cleaning, housekeeping services. Our Manpower supply system is excellent to give you complete satisfaction.

Housekeeping Service

Shivam Enterprises also serves the housekeeping services to the client companies or the contractors. Housekeepers of Shivam Enterprises are well trained and professional in their work, they also know how to hold the different electronic appliances or sensitive products. Cleaning is not just removing the dirt, but enhancing aesthetics and increasing assists life. Shivam Enterprises is a company with an excellent reputation of outstanding housekeeping service which make sure that your premises look beautiful and clean. Our housekeepers are trained to clean everything from floor to the ceiling no matter how small or big your premise is. It’s nearly impossible to make a universal cleaning supply list that fits every premise. Each and every premise is different, making their cleaning needs also unique. Our expert housekeepers take care of each individual need very carefully.

Housekeeping Service

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Welcome to Shivam Enterprises

We at Shivam Enterprises provide manpower for industries. We have range of manpower suitable for any kind of industries (small and large scale industries).
We currently cater to manufacturing industries operating in the field of Automobile Sector . We are growing firm and planning to cater every possible sector. Ashok Leyland Ltd. Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Foundry Division
Lumax Auto Technology Limited, Uttarakhand
Steelbird International, Uttarahand
Amber Enterprises India Ltd. Uttarakhand.
We are present in IIE Sidcul Pantnagar. At present our footprints cover IIE Sidcul Pantnagar,MI Rajasthan,Our main focus is to concrete footprints in and around all Industrial Area of India.
" To provide quality employee to our customers as per their needs in maintaining cost and quality products. "
We take great pride in able to offer our customers our wealth of experience and access to world class procedure and training through our key relationship with manufacturers.
Shivam Enterprises is founded in 2010 by Dhawal Sijwali, who had rich experience in manpower handling. Shivam Enterprises had growed by leaps and bound in the guidance of Mr Abhay Pratap Singh and who had taken all the legal government license required for operating manpower consultancy (i.e. PF no., GST no., ESI no.) Shivam Enterprises has spent many years developing strategic partnerships with agents, village sarpanch. This allows us to Supply Quality and Quantity manpower to our clients on demand.
We always take care of the followings

  • Our labour prevents misuse of electricity, water and other resources.
  • Our labour can’t become member of any union.
  • We pay utmost attention whenever the permanent employees going on strike and labour unrest.
  • Our staff is well trained in fire fighting./li>
  • Our labour will be available under all circumstances.
  • We maintain liaison with local police authorities & labour Dept.
  • We are registered with E.S.I.C., P.F, & GST Dept.
  • For any further clarification or discussion drop a mail at or call at +91 8057772994